Eoghan O'Donoghue/Ross

Eoghan O'Donoghue/Ross

Sleeping Druid
Onyx and lava stone

Two materials carefully crafted and seamlessly melded

"Stone is more organic.  I have different styles in steel and stone.  In stone I bring out the shapes, in steel I enfource my will.  Stone controls me.  Like Michaeangelo said, it's about finding the image in stone."

quoted in 'Family affair', by Anne Lucey, The Examiner, 22 March 2000


White Squall
Onyx on black limestone base


Patinated limestone on yew base
Diver in pool
Limestone and cast pewter

Ferro-cement patinated with oil paint and varnish

Fiberglass and white marble-dust ferro-cement and varnish

Torch-cut welded steel with oil paint and varnish

Polished copper with limestone base

Unique outdoor table and seats
Collection of Killegy House, Killarney




76 x 56

76 x 56

76 x 56
Display Case for the Book of Kells facsimile

O'Donoghue/Ross describes his son as 'the great fabricator'.  This remarkable display case is a good example of that.  It was commissioned by the collector, Robert Pierse, to provide a secure method to allow the facsimile Book of Kells that he owns to be exhibited publically.  The base is fine oak, the columns are mahogany, both turned and modelled by Eoghan and all fitted precisely to offer a striking presentation case.  He and D'Ana collaborated on creating the magnificent book cover to protect the facsimile, including the finest leather, hand-hammered stainless steel, gold leaf appliqué and molten glass insets.

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